How Do You Locate La-Z-Boy Furniture Showrooms?

How Do You Locate La-Z-Boy Furniture Showrooms?

Locating La-Z-Boy furniture showrooms can be done by going to the La-Z-Boy store locator website. The store locator page will show close La-Z-Boy stores based on city, state or ZIP code. The La-Z-Boy website also features a local store tab on their website for customers that show the address, phone number and website of the closest La-Z-Boy store.

Locating a La-Z-Boy furniture showroom can be done by following these steps.

  1. Go to the La-Z-Boy website's Store Locator
  2. Click on the Store Locator on the La-Z-Boy website.

  3. Enter a location into the store locator
  4. On the store locator page, enter in a city, state or ZIP code into the search bar on the bottom right and click find.

  5. Look for the closest La-Z-Boy out of the list of stores
  6. A list of La-Z-Boy furniture stores will appear below the search bar with details like address and phone number.