How Do You Locate Crickets in Your Home?


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Locate crickets indoors by learning how to identify them and filling a jar with molasses as a homemade trap, as crickets are attracted to molasses, according to DoItYourself. Homeowners who want to eliminate crickets in their homes can add water to the jar filled with molasses to drown the insects.

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How Do You Locate Crickets in Your Home?
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Crickets are brown or black in color, and they have long antennae, says DoItYourself. While crickets have wings, they typically do not fly and instead jump up to 3 feet high. Male crickets usually raise and rub their wings against each other to create a chirping noise to get the attention of female crickets.

Besides molasses, glue traps are also effective homemade traps to capture crickets, says DoItYourself. Crickets who step on the glue traps may get stuck onto the traps, making it easy to catch them.

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