How Do You Find Local Water and Sewer Rates?


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You can find local sewer and water rates by looking at the relevant utility bill. In many cases, this is handled by the government of your city or town. If the bill doesn't provide this information, or if you are making a general inquiry, you can contact the appropriate authority directly. Many cities and towns have websites for all their services, including water and sewer.

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Water and sewer services are often administered by local municipal governments. In some cases, these services are provided by a county or regional authority. There are also instances where several municipalities contract with a private company to provide water and sewer services. The websites of state governments offer information on who provides water and sewer throughout the state as well as contact information for city, county and regional authorities.

In addition, there are instances where water and sewer are handled privately by the owners of properties using septic systems and private wells. This is especially common in rural areas not reached by municipal water and sewer lines. In these cases, water and sewer authorities do not provide these services and therefore do not set rates for them, although permits may be required for these systems.

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