How Do You Find Local Used Appliance Disposal Services?

To find a place that recycles or disposes of used appliances, visit and use the site's Recycling Locator tool. It allows users to find nearby locations that recycle large appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers and dishwashers.

To find a local appliance recycling or disposal center on

  1. Select an appliance that needs to be recycled
  2. Most washers and dryers can be used for scrap metal, but refrigerators and some dishwashers must be handled by specialists because they contain Freon.

  3. Enter a ZIP code
  4. Enter a ZIP code into the search feature on the top right of the Recycling Locator tool.

  5. Find a local center
  6. Use the interactive map to find a center that accepts used appliances. Click on the map icon to view more information about a business.