How Do You Find Local Landscape Supplies?


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To find local landscape supplies, visit locally owned nurseries or farmers markets. Another option is visit the Find Native Plants website for information on local businesses that sell landscaping materials native to your area.

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Local nurseries provide various types of landscaping material, and most have knowledge of local landscaping plants or regional vegetation. Find out about native plant life in your region by contacting a public university extension office. Ask for resources or information about local greenhouses that sell supplies. Occasionally, landscape vendors rent space at a farmers market and sell seeds or potted vegetation that is native to the region. Contact local gardeners or landscapers, and ask if they plant regional materials or have resources for finding local supplies.

If these inquiries fail, there are many resources for finding out what plant life is native to your area, such as the Xerces Society, Pollinator Partnership or Find Native Plants sites. Input your zip code or city in the search bar of one of these sites to get a list of local plant life. Print out the lists of suggested landscaping plants for your area, and take those lists in to a local nursery. Many nurseries order plants or seeds they do not already carry if requested.

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