How Do You Find Local Foundation Contractors?

How Do You Find Local Foundation Contractors?

To find local foundation contractors, do a search on a website, such as the National Foundation Repair Association, Concrete Network or, to find contractors in a specific location. Before hiring a contractor, check to make sure that the contractor follows codes, ask questions and check the terms and conditions of the service.

Run through the following steps to find and select a local foundation contractor.

  1. Find a contractor search website
  2. Websites the provide searches for foundation contractors or foundation repair contractors include the National Foundation Repair Association (NCFRA), Concrete Network and

  3. Choose search options
  4. Select search options to help narrow down the search. Different websites may offer different options. For example, allows users to select a category for the type of work required before filling in the search form.

  5. Fill in the search fields
  6. Fill in search fields such as city, state or other options.

  7. Select contractors
  8. Select contractors that can do the kind of work required.

  9. Contact contractors
  10. Contact contractors and ask specific questions about their services. Some things to consider include whether the contractor provides a depth clause and if so, what additional charges are involved in jobs that require delving deeper into the foundation. It is also important to make sure that the contractor is evaluated by the International Code Council Evaluation Services to make sure their materials and methods are up to code.

  11. Review terms of service
  12. Before hiring a specific contractor, review the terms and conditions of the work. Pay attention to things such as warranties or guarantees on the finished work.