How Do You Find Local Firewood for Sale?


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Individuals can find local firewood suppliers through the Yellow Pages and Craigslist, and can buy small bundles of firewood at many convenience stores, campgrounds and retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Price, availability and delivery options vary depending on the location and the supplier.

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The Yellow Pages is a good source to find established local businesses that sell firewood. These companies usually sell seasoned, split wood by the truckload and may offer delivery options. In some areas, tree trimming and removal services offer firewood in addition to other services.

Users can typically find an assortment of firewood offers on Craigslist, depending on the location. Free firewood is often available, but it may need to be cut and/or split, and delivery is usually not an option. Some companies with split firewood for sale advertise on Craigslist and several offer delivery. Loads of unsplit wood may also be available and typically sell at a lower price.

Campgrounds and retail establishments often sell small bundles of firewood as a convenience product for campfires and other recreational purposes. The bundle usually contains four to six pieces of split wood and is not a cost-effective option for individuals who burn wood seasonally for heat.

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