How Do You Find Local Chainsaw Repair Shops?

How Do You Find Local Chainsaw Repair Shops?

To find a local repair shop for a chainsaw, note the manufacturer of the chainsaw that needs repair, go to the company's website and search for local service centers using the ZIP code or city. Examples of chainsaw companies include Black + Decker, Fort Defiance, Yard Machines, Remington, Power King and Tanaka. Customers can also search their local yellow pages for repair shops.

Use the steps below to find a local shop that repairs chainsaws.

  1. Determine the brand
  2. Determine the brand or manufacturer of the chainsaw, which is often listed on the equipment. Many companies have their own service centers that will repair their chainsaws.

  3. Go to the website
  4. Go to the company website by entering the address in a Web browser. For example, if the company is Black + Decker, go to

  5. Search for a service center
  6. Click on "Find a Service Center" to search for a local repair shop. Enter the ZIP code or city and state in the text box. Choose the desired location range and then click "Search."

  7. Contact the service center
  8. Choose the desired repair shop from the displayed list. The list may also include hours, directions and contact information. Contact the service center to make an appointment.