How Do You Find Local Appliance Recycling Companies That Pick Up?


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Some ways to find local appliance recycling companies with pick-up services include checking with local utility companies and using recycling company locator tools. Energy Star is another good resource for finding recycling companies and programs.

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Check with local utility companies to see if any of them pick up appliances that are being recycled, as many such companies pick up old appliances and offer a rebate or cash for them. Pick-up is often free, but check with the company to make sure. Some of these companies offer rebates to people who are getting rid of an old appliance to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. However, some companies only pick up appliances that are in working condition.

Energy Star offers a page where people can search for appliance rebates. When searching for a rebate based on the type of appliance and location, Energy Star gives a list of companies that often pick up the appliances for recycling, which is intended to encourage people to upgrade appliances to more eco-friendly models.

Recycling center locator tools are also helpful. A locator tool requires entering a specific type of appliance and ZIP code to get a list of all the recycling centers in the selected area.

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