How Do You Find Local Antiques Dealers?


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Among the many ways to find a local antique dealer, the best way is to consult a local newspaper's classified advertisements to see if it lists public antiques auctions that local dealers attend. Most antique dealers and sellers rely on local newspapers for advertising events.

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Additionally, buying and selling antiques at local auctions are generally beneficial to all parties in the transaction. Among collectors, buying and selling at auction is the most common way to find and sell antiques. In addition to being advertised in local newspapers, auctions usually maintain a mailing list of frequent attendees that they use to advertise upcoming events. Buyers and sellers of antiques are usually connected to a reliable network that shares information in order to conduct business.

There are other ways to find local antiques dealers as well, including visiting a town's welcome center. Many small towns across the country pride themselves as destinations for antique dealers and buyers. Accordingly, many towns' antique dealers extensively advertise at welcome centers and rest stops along interstates and highways. Antique dealers who cater to tourists are usually extremely knowledgeable about local antiques, which means that they are often well-positioned to match buyers searching for particular items with sellers.

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