How Do You Load a Stackable Washer and Dryer?


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Stackable washer and dryers are generally easy to load. They are all organized with the washer on the bottom and the dryer on the top.

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Before loading the stackable washer and dryer, remove anything that is in the stackable machines. Make sure that the machines are plugged into an electrical outlet and that the washer is plugged into a water source. Also, make sure that the dryer is vented to the outside. With the washer on the bottom, simply open up the lid and insert clothes or other items into it. After the clothes are finished washing, load them into the dryer and turn it on the desired setting.

Make sure that the outlet that the stackable washer and dryer are connected to can handle the electrical load placed on it by the machines. If both machines are going to run at the same time, make sure that the outlet can handle the electrical load of both devices simultaneously, especially considering how much power a dryer draws. Some stackable washers and dryers contain a gas dryer, which means that a different hose will have to be connected for the dryer to work properly. Have a professional install this gas line as to not cause any serious damage to the washer, dryer, the building or to anyone living in the building.

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