How Do You Load a Lawn Mower Into a Utility Trailer?


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Before loading a lawnmower into a utility trailer, first make sure that your ramp and your trailer can bear the mower's weight. The weight of the mower is listed in the owner's manual.

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The length of the ramp should be at least four times the distance between the back of the trailer and the ground to ensure that the ramp is not too steep for the mower. If you are using two ramps, make sure their width matches that of the mower's tires. Attach the ramps to the back of the trailer and secure them in place. If you do not have safety harnesses, you can make them using an eye bolt and nylon straps.

Back the mower toward the trailer and then shift it into neutral gear. With the engine off, raise the mower deck so that the blades do not scrape against the ramps or the bottom of the trailer. Push the mower in reverse up the ramps and into the trailer. A second person can assist if the mower is too heavy to push or if it begins to roll back down the ramps.

Always put the parking brake on when the mower is in the trailer. Remove the ramps, and slide them into the trailer alongside the lawnmower. Use ropes or straps to secure the ramps and the mower to the trailer. This helps keep them steady during travel.

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