How Do You Load a Box Sealing-Tape Dispenser?


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To load a box sealing-tape dispenser, attach the packing tape roll, sticky-side down, to the tape roll holder. Pull the tape tab through the slot located between the dispenser roller and the dispenser shield. Continue to pull until the tape covers the dispenser blade.

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To seal a box using a sealing-tape dispenser, fold down the box flaps. Hold the tape dispenser in one hand and use the other hand to attach the tape to the opposite side of the box . Drag the tape dispenser across the box to the other side. Cut the tape with the dispenser blade to release. Repeat to completely seal the box.

When buying sealing tape, select the correct core size to fit the tape roll holder. For example, a 3-inch tape roll holder requires a tape roll with a 3-inch core. In addition, select the appropriate tape thickness for the weight of the box. For example, boxes that weigh up to 70 pounds typically require tape between 2 and 3 millimeters thick.

Use acrylic sealing tape to store boxes, and use hot-melt sealing tape to ship boxes. Acrylic sealing tape withstands high temperatures and can remain intact for up to three years. Hot-melt sealing tape provides a strong seal that withstands constant movement during transportation.

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