What Are Some Living Room Wall Decor Ideas?


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According to HGTV, some living room wall decor ideas include: a stenciled focal wall, a sunburst mirror, decorative art that compliments the room's furnishings and family photos. Ideas from Pottery Barn incorporate art prints, decorative metal discs, picture panels and wall sculptures. Pottery Barn designs also feature wooden signs, framed drawings, metal or wooden letters and wall hangings.

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Many wall decorations such as wall stencils and sunburst mirrors can be created by hand. To make a focal wall, gather together an interesting stencil pattern, a wall color for the base and an accent color for the stencil design. Create the stencil design by using the dry-brush method. Simply use the accent color for the stencil design, and apply it directly over the base wall color.

To create a sunburst mirror, use a round mirror with flat edges, 150 branches and twigs, a glue gun and spray paint. Gather together a hack saw, sandpaper, painter's tape and the tools required to measure it, and hang it correctly. Cut or break the branches and twigs to various lengths measuring between 15 to 18 inches long. Use the painter's tape and a yardstick or ruler to tape intersecting lines to the surface of the mirror. Glue the branches in place using the tape as a guide to create a radiating circle, then attach the remaining pieces. Spray paint the twigs once they have all been glued into place, wait for it to dry, then hang the decorative piece.

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