What Are Some Living Room Furniture Layouts?


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Some common living room furniture layouts include diagonal, island, symmetric and open layouts. Other forms include entertainment, view or lighting, activity zones, and fireplace layouts.

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What Are Some Living Room Furniture Layouts?
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A diagonal layout creates a small space within a living room, and it can create a clear pathway between other areas, such as a dining area and a lounge.

The island layout refers to clustering the furniture around a floor rug or common feature. This allows for plenty of space around the furniture and creates an intimate setting.

In a symmetric layout, the idea is to split the room into symmetrical shapes or split the furniture symmetrically. People achieve this by using the features of the living room, the number of furniture pieces and the design of the room.

And entertainment layout allows the focus of the furniture to be the entertainment system, while the view or lighting setup allows the furniture to face a view or the direction of light into the house.

Activity zones are areas where the occupants of the furniture can congregate and participate in games or meals. This layout is ideal for hosting people and favors large rooms. The fireplace layout is self-explanatory, with a focus on warming the people in the room, congregating them near or around the fireplace.

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