What Are Some Little Black Bugs You Might Find in Your House?

Bed bugs, carpet beetles and fleas are some small bugs commonly found in residential homes. While these bugs are not totally black in color, they appear to be black to untrained eyes.

Bed bugs are one of the most common types of household pests that also inhabit virtually every place where people sleep or gather, such as hotels, offices, schools and even public transportation. They are dark brown to red-brown in color but may appear black, especially when clustered together. Bed bugs hide under the folded areas of bedding, mattresses, in between cracks and crevices, and even behind electrical switch plates. They usually feed on human blood at night and hide in dark, tight corners during the day.

Carpet beetles have black centers and irregular white and yellow patches. They inhabit carpets, woolen fabrics and wall-to-wall woodbased carpeting. Carpet beetles feed on dead insects, but they also feed on upholstery, fabric, hair, fur and bones. These bugs can take almost a year to grow into adults.

Fleas, like bed bugs and other bugs, are reddish to dark brown in color. They thrive and feed on the blood of pets and other animals but may also bite humans. Unlike bed bugs, fleas do not leave their hosts and can feed continuously. They can also transmit diseases between animals and humans and also cause allergic reactions.