What Is a List of Trees in Alphabetical Order?


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A list of trees in alphabetical order includes aspen, birch, chestnut, deodar and elm trees. Aspens are deciduous trees whose trunks are encased in a smooth, white bark. They are found in the northern areas of North America.

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The nearly round leaves of aspens can be bright green and turn brilliant gold or red during the fall. Aspens are not particularly long-lived but can be aggressive and are among the first trees to grow after a burn.

Birch trees thrive in hardiness zones three to eight and can grow to 80 feet tall. They are admired for their bright, deep-green leaves and their interesting, peeling bark.

The chestnut is not only grown as a shade tree but is grown for its nuts. The American chestnut was once abundant throughout from the Northeast to the Midwest but was devastated by a chestnut blight in the early 1900s. Almost extinct in North America as of 2015, the chestnut population lost 3 billion trees due to blight.

The deodar is a cedar tree that is prized for its weeping attitude. In the United States it does well in hardiness zones seven through nine.

Like the chestnut, the elm tree was once abundant, but its numbers were also reduced by a blight.

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