What Is a List of Shrubs With Red Fall Berries?

Many species of shrubs that produce red fruit or berries, including cotoneasters, hollies and red chokeberries, are available for landscaping. These plants are normally used to provide fall color in a landscaping scheme.

Cotoneasters are members of the rose family. Native to the Old World, they include between 70 and 200 species which range from prostrate plants typical of alpine regions to small trees. The majority of species are shrubs native to temperate areas. Berries range from pink, orange, and red to maroon and near-black. The leaves are typically dark green and oval.

Hollies are shrubs or small trees with glossy leaves, typically with a serrated or toothed margin. Their berries are usually red although they can occur in other colors. They are widespread in temperate and subtropical regions. American winterberry, a deciduous holly species native to the eastern United States, is particularly popular.

Red chokeberries are shrubs of the rose family long used as ornamentals. They typically have clusters of white to pinkish flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall.

Barberries are popular shrubs due to their low maintenance needs and adaptability. Many varieties have attractive flowers and fall foliage. Berry color can vary by species.