What Is a List of Invasive Species?


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According to Time Magazine, some of the most invasive species in the world include Asian carp, Burmese pythons, gray squirrels, rabbits, zebra mussels, killer bees, cane toads, kudzu. northern snakehead and starlings. An invasive species is defined as an organism that becomes established in a habitat to which it is not native and grows explosively, negatively impacting native species.

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The lionfish is another example of an invasive species. Introduced to the Caribbean and the Southeast United States, as of 2014, it is rapidly taking over waters which are traditionally home to the snapper and grouper.

Asian carp, one of the most invasive species, are dangerous because they out-compete other fish, including native and commercial species. They feed on underwater vegetation, which results in oxygen-poor water. Their presence impacts the delicate food webs already in place, and introduces new diseases and parasites to native wildlife.

Zebra mussels are native to Eastern Europe but have found their way to the United States on ships. Once established around the Great Lakes area, these mussels commenced eating all the plankton. This, in turn, causes the native wildlife that normally feed on plankton to die. Zebra mussels not only negatively impact the environment, they also attach themselves to boats, structures and water pipes, which causes damage and negatively impacts the economy.

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