Where Do You Find a List of Error Codes for Bosch Dishwashers?

Bosch dishwasher error codes are available from websites such as Bosch Dishwasher Trouble Shooting, Sears Parts Direct and Dr. Dishwasher, as of 2015. The latter lists literature for AEG, Beko, Bosch and Whirlpool dishwashers. Selecting a specific brand brings up a list of error codes.

Bosch dishwashers from series SMS, SH, Exxcell and Logixx feature error codes formatted as E01 through E28. Dishwashers displaying codes E01 through E05, for example, have suffered a failure of the power module, requiring qualified repair. An error code of E10 indicates a problem with the water heating element. The company suggests checking for blockages or build-up that can interfere with interaction between the water and element. With error code E24, the dishwasher is draining abnormally; cleaning the water filters typically corrects the problem.

Single-letter error code formats are used on Bosch models with full LCD displays, using letters between A and O. They generally activate for errors that require a replacement part or technician action. Fault code K, for example, is shown for a faulty thermostat sensor. As the recourse for this error code is an inspection of the negative temperature coefficient sensor, thermostat and wiring, it is better suited for a qualified individual than as a home repair.