What Is a List of Endangered Plants in India?

Plants that are endangered in India, as of 2015, include Corypha species, Decalepis hamiltonii, Kingiodendron pinnatum and Myristica species. Around 20 percent of all plant species in India are threatened due to a combination of reduction in natural habitats and over-harvesting.

Another example of a plant species that is endangered in India is Ilex khasiana. This is a type of shrub, and there are less than five living plants remaining at the start of 2015. This particular species is endangered because its rate of reproduction is not high enough to cope with the rapid destruction of its habitat.

Pterocarpus santalinus is a tree that grows in the forests of Eastern Ghats. This tree requires a dry environment to live, which immediately cuts down on potential habitable regions. The forests where Pterocarpus santalinus grows have been cut down by logging companies, and certain parts of the tree are also harvested for use in traditional medicines.

Syzygium travancoricum is one of the most endangered plant species in India. It is a small tree that lives in swamps, but large areas of its natural habitat have been drained and turned into paddy fields. There are a few small remaining populations of the tree in India as of 2015.