What Is a List of Deciduous Trees?

list-deciduous-trees Credit: karen_roe/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

There is a long list of deciduous trees found on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus on the university's website. Deciduous trees can be found all over the world. A deciduous tree is one that drops its leaves part of the time during the year in contrast to evergreen trees that keep their needles year-round.

Some examples of deciduous trees include maple, hickory and oak. Deciduous trees frequently drop their leaves in the winter; however, in subtropical, tropical and arid regions the deciduous trees may lose their leaves during the region's dry period or another season depending on rainfall variation in the area. Deciduous trees drop their leaves as a means of survival during difficult times for the trees. The leaves of deciduous trees are flat and broad, and this allows them to catch a great deal of light. Since there are approximately 600 species of deciduous oak trees and approximately 128 species of deciduous maple trees, a comprehensive list of deciduous trees is not practical. However, when looking at a particular region, it is relatively easy to locate the types of deciduous trees that grow in that general area. Leaves of some deciduous trees, such as maple trees, change color before they fall.