What Is Liquid Ladybug?


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Liquid Ladybug is a pest control solution that is intended to help eliminate spider mites on plants. The solution is 100 percent organic and, according to the manufacturer, completely safe for all plants, including food crops. It is also safe for pets and people.

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What Is Liquid Ladybug?
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Spider mites are less in 0.4 inches in size and come in a variety of colors, making them difficult to spot. Regardless of size or color, however, they all live and feed on the underside of plant leaves, causing damage to the plants. Sometimes the mites spin a protective webbing, hence their name. Because of the destructive nature of the pests and the fact that they can lay hundreds of eggs, it is important to rid the plants of them as soon as possible with a product like Liquid Ladybug.

Because Liquid Ladybug is safe to use on plants every day, a spider mite infestation can be taken care of fairly quickly. The manufacturer suggests using the spray for two consecutive days and then waiting for six more days before applying it a third time. After ridding the plants of an infestation, Liquid Ladybug can be used once per month to prevent a new outbreak of spider mites. Any new plants should also be treated when adding them to the garden.

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