How Does Liquid Drano for Toilets Work?


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The primary way that Drano clears clogs in toilets is through microorganisms contained in the product that break down organic matter found in pipes and plumbing that causes water to flow slowly. Once the pipe debris and organic matter have been dissolved and removed, water can flow freely out of the toilet through the pipes into the sewer system.

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Different Drano products clear clogs in slightly different ways, but not all product lines are recommended for use with toilets. The only Drano product recommended for use specifically with clogged toilets is Drano Prevention. Drano gels, crystals and foams should not be used to clear clogged toilets because the plumbing configuration of most toilets makes them ineffective.

Drano Prevention can be used to clear clogged toilets by placing two capfuls in the toilet at a time. After treating a toilet with Drano Prevention, the toilet should not be flushed for six to eight hours. This wait gives the microorganisms time to break down the toilet clog. This regimen should be repeated for three days to ensure that the toilet clog has been fully removed. Although Drano Prevention can be effective in clearing toilet clogs, it will not clear a completely clogged toilet, and professional plumbing service may be necessary.

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