How Do You Get Lipstick Off of Jeans?

How Do You Get Lipstick Off of Jeans?

Liquid dish detergent or another degreasing cleaner can remove lipstick stains from denim jeans in about 15 minutes. Along with the degreasing agent, a clean, white towel and warm water is needed to remove the stain before washing as recommended on the care label.

  1. Remove excess lipstick

    Scrape any excess lipstick away with a dull blade, taking care not to push the lipstick further into the fabric.

  2. Apply the degreasing agent

    Liquid dish detergent can be applied directly to the stain. After applying the dish detergent, dab the area with a clean, dry towel to remove most of the stain. A few drops of dish detergent can be applied to the towel to aid in breaking up the oils in the lipstick. Leave the dish detergent on the jeans for 15 minutes.

  3. Rinse the jeans

    Rinse the jeans under warm running water to remove the dish detergent.

  4. Reapply dish detergent

    If the lipstick stain is still visible, reapply the dish detergent and work into the stain by pressing gently with a clean towel. Rinse thoroughly with the hottest water recommended for the garment according to the care label.

  5. Wash and dry the jeans

    Wash and dry the jeans according to the instructions on the care label.