How Do I Get Lint Off a Knit Dress Without a Lint Brush?


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If you should happen to pick up a dog or cat that is shedding while wearing a knit dress, and do not have a lint roller or brush on hand, you know you are in trouble. It is not necessary, however, to walk around for the rest of the day wearing animal hair on your dress. Try these tips to remove lint and pilling from your knit garments.

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How Do I Get Lint Off a Knit Dress Without a Lint Brush?
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  1. Wrap your hand in duct tape

    Lay the garment flat on a table and wrap your hand in duct tape with the sticky side facing out. Make sure the tape is wrapped tight enough to stay on your hand through some energetic movements.

  2. Pat the lint off the dress

    Pat the dress with the sticky side of the duct tape. Each pat should remove significant amounts of lint. As soon as one section of the tape is filled with lint, rotate the piece of duct tape around your hand to bring a clean section to the palm side of your hand. Repeat until all the lint is removed. You may have to cut and wrap several pieces of duct tape if you are dealing with a lot of lint.

  3. Shave any remaining lint

    Use a disposable razor to shave away any lint that is stuck on the garment so strongly that duct tape cannot remove it. Disposable razors are also great for removing the pills that form on knits over time.

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