How Do I Get Lint Off of Dark Clothes?

lint-off-dark-clothes Credit: Charles Maraia/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Remove lint from dark clothing by rewashing and drying the garment, then use a lint roller. The tools required include the washer, dryer and an adhesive tape lint roller. The time to complete the task depends on the normal operating time for the appliances.

  1. Shake the lint-covered clothing

    Shake the garment to remove any loose materials. Removing lint at this point eliminates its chance to stick to the garment in the future.

  2. Wash without detergent

    Set the machine for the cycle recommended on the garment's care label. Don't add detergent or lighter colored clothing that might shed. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to dissolve any detergent residue.

  3. Dry the garment per the manufacturer's directions

    Machine-dry the garment if the care label says it is safe to do so. The airflow and lint trap help to remove any excess lint from the garment. Add a dryer sheet to reduce static electricity, which attracts lint back to the fabric.

  4. Finish with a lint roller

    Lay the dry garment on a clean surface. Remove the label from the lint roller, and roll over the surface of the garment to remove any remaining lint. If the tape stops picking up lint, remove it to reveal a clean surface, and continue until you remove all the remaining lint.