How Do I Get the Line Pattern From the Winfield Collection Onto My Wood?


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To get the line pattern from the Winfield Collection onto your wood, lay Winfield pattern transfer paper on the wood, place the pattern on top of the paper, and trace the lines. You can then paint or cut out the pattern.

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  1. Gather your materials

    To transfer a Winfield Collection pattern onto wood, you need the Winfield line pattern, boards or wood according to the instructions in the pattern package, pattern transfer paper and a tracing stylus.

  2. Attach your transfer paper

    Lay the transfer paper ink side down on the wood. You may secure with tape on the edges to prevent the pattern from shifting during tracing. Make sure the transfer paper is ink side down.

  3. Set up the pattern

    Set the wood pattern on top of the tracing paper in the location you desire.

  4. Trace the pattern

    Use a transfer stylus to trace the pattern elements on your wood project.

  5. Trace the other side if needed

    If your project is two-sided, use two pieces of transfer paper. The bottom layer should be ink side down facing the wood. The top layer should be facing ink side up. When you apply the pattern to the other side, you have a mirror image of the pattern.

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