How Do You Lime Wash Furniture?


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In order to lime wash wooden furniture, a bronze brush, sandpaper, furniture brush, gloves, cheese cloth, liming wax, steel wool, mineral spirits, wax and finishing oil are needed. Beginners are able to lime wash wooden furniture, and the tools needed are inexpensive.

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A bronze brush is used to open the pores in bare wood. Avoid cheap brass brushes in order to prevent deep cuts. Next, 220-grit garnet sandpaper is used to smooth the brushed wood before cleaning wood dust from the wood pores with a furniture brush. The furniture brush should have natural bristles to ensure best results; a vacuum brush attachment and Scotch-Brite pad can also be used. Gloves that effectively protect hands from oils and solvents should then be used before applying the liming wax with an extra-soft cheesecloth. The wax is applied into the grain by way of circular,overlapping strokes, and excess wax is then removed with an ultra-fine steel wool. Avoid using a harsher grade of steel wool in order to avoid tinting the liming wax. Mineral spirits are then applied with a lint-free cloth and buffed if a haze remains on the wood, before sealing the freshly limed wood with a clear or neutral wax. A finishing oil should be applied as the final step to add a protective coat to the furniture, and overlapping coats can be used to add a glossy finish.

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