How Do You Get Lilies to Open Quickly?


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To get lilies to open quickly, cut the stems diagonally, fill the vase with warm, deep water and remove the stamens and pollen and place them in the water. Keep the lilies in a warm environment to increase the blooming speed.

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Use scissors or pruning shears to cut the bottom of the stem diagonally. This increases the amount of water that the lilies can take in. Increasing the turgor pressure speeds up the blooming process, so fill the vase with deeper water than usual. Although this may increase the amount of bacteria and dirt in the water, it helps to improve blooming times. Remove any leaves from the stem that are submerged in the water.

When the lilies begin opening, remove the stamens and pollen, and place a few of them in the water. Although there is no scientific proof that this improves blooming speed as of 2015, some florists believe it helps. The lilies should be kept in a warm environment, away from direct sunlight. After the lilies begin blooming, the process can be slowed by moving them to a cooler climate.

Every day or two, recut the stems at a diagonal angle to improve water intake. Keep the lilies away from ripening fruits, as the ethylene gas produced by the fruits can prevent the lilies from opening.

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