How Do You Light a Propane Stove?

Light a propane stove by holding a match above the burner while slowly turning the burner valve to the left and adjusting the valve to change the size of the flame. If the stove has an electric ignition switch, press it while opening the valve rather than using a match.

Prepare the propane stove for use by turning all burner valves to the right to prevent gas release, placing a regulator onto a propane canister and screwing it into the regulator slot on the stove. When the stove is standing firmly in place in a well-ventilated area, the stove may be lit. If using a match, the burner may take one or two seconds to light. The flame is ready for use when it is light blue near the burner and yellow near the tips.

When lighting a pilot light, individuals must follow a similar procedure, opening the valve while holding the match close to the pilot. Before lighting a gas stove, clear away any grease buildup on the burners. A person should never light the stove if the smell of propane is present before the valves open. If the scent is present, the valves must be turned off completely, and the burner should only be lit when the scent disappears. The propane canister may be loose if the stove does not light.