How Do You Light the Pilot on a Reddy Propane Heater?

Light the pilot on a Reddy propane heater by connecting the heater to a propane tank, plugging in the power cord and using the ignitor button or control knob to light the pilot. Sometimes the air in the connecting hose necessitates multiple ignition attempts.

Place the Reddy propane heater on a level and stable surface, and use the included hose and regulator to attach it to a propane supply system. Slowly open the propane tank supply valve, as the excess-flow check valve may cause the gas flow to stop if it is opened too quickly. Search for possible leaks by applying a concentrated liquid soap solution to the gas joints, then close the propane supply valve again. Plug the heater power cord into a three-prong extension cord of six feet or more, and plug the extension cord into a grounded outlet.

Slowly open the propane supply valve, push down the control knob, and revolve it counter clockwise to Low. After the pilot ignites, wait 30 seconds before releasing the control knob. If the heater does not ignite, wait 20 seconds and try the ignition procedure again. If the heater does not have a control knob, press down and hold the automatic control valve button, press the ignitor button repeatedly until the pilot ignites, then keep the automatic control button pushed down for 30 seconds before releasing.