How Do You Light the Pilot on a Propane Gas Room Heater?


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To relight a gas heater pilot light, turn the valve to the off position for three minutes then switch to the pilot position; hold a lit match to the pilot opening and press the reset button until the flame burns brightly. Then turn the valve to the on position.

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Before relighting a gas heater pilot light, read and follow the manufacturer instructions written on the heater label. If the instructions are absent, locate the pilot light assembly and turn its valve to the off setting for three minutes. Switch the valve to the pilot position then hold a lit match to the pilot opening. Press the reset button on the pilot control panel until the flame burns brightly, then turn the valve to the on position.

In the event that the pilot light fails to stay lit, clean the opening with fine wire to remove any substances that might be clogging it. A pilot light may also fail to light because of a faulty thermocouple, which needs to be adjusted or replaced. Before opting to replace the thermocouple, adjust it by gently tightening its nut using a wrench and trying to relight the pilot light. This can solve some issues caused by misalignment.

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