How Do You Light a Pilot Light?


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Light a pilot light with a match. Fine wire might also be required to clean the pilot opening if the flame fails to remain lit.

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  1. Locate the gas valve and change the settings

    A pilot light assembly is equipped with a gas valve that has on, off and pilot settings. Switch the valve to off. After three minutes, turn the valve to the pilot setting.

  2. Relight the pilot light

    Strike a match, and bring it to the pilot opening while simultaneously holding down the reset button, which is located on the pilot control panel. Continue to hold this button down until a steady flame burns. Release the button, and then turn the valve back to the on setting.

  3. Clean any clogs

    If the pilot light continues to go out, there might be a clog. Switch the valve off again. Insert a fine wire into the pilot opening, and then attempt to light it again.

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