How Do You Light the Pilot on a Gas Dryer?

light-pilot-gas-dryer Credit: Andrew Bret Wallis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Every gas dryer model is slightly different; the instruction manual or manufacturer's specifications contains instructions to safely light the pilot light of a gas dryer. Most modern appliances do not have pilot lights and instead rely on piezoelectric spark to light the gas. Problems with this type of light are best handled by the manufacturer or an authorized repair technician.

For older dryers that do have a pilot light, some municipal power companies offer pilot light services. In areas that do offer this service, an appointment is scheduled and a technician lights the pilot light on-site. Appointment scheduling and whether there is a cost to the consumer varies depending on the utility company. When a pilot light service is unavailable or undesired, manufacturer's specifications and proper safety procedures must be followed.

The most common signs of a pilot light going out are the dryer refusing to start and the odor of gas. If a gas odor is present but the pilot light is on, there is a gas leak causing the odor. Lighting matches, lighters or any other source of open flame is dangerous in this situation, and the local utility company is best equipped to handle the gas leak.