What Are Some Light Green Paint Shades?

What Are Some Light Green Paint Shades?

Light green paint shades include Devine Pine, Reef, Tropical Kiwi Beans, Olmo and Cactus. Devine also offers many other green shades, including Spruce, Pistachio Lime Beans and Mallard.

Green paint adds a soothing, balancing element to any space. Greens are abundant in nature, and using several shades of green in a single room enhances the natural effect. Cool, blue-tinged greens are especially calming and evoke positive feelings.

Very light green paint, such as Devine Tropical Kiwi Beans, is an excellent alternative to white ceiling paint in rooms with green walls. This technique adds warmth to the room while supporting the overall color scheme.

Lighting has an important affect on the appearance of light green paint, and this is a crucial factor to consider when selecting paint colors. Halogen lights cast a bright white glow that does not alter paint color, but fluorescent bulbs add a bluish cast. Incandescent bulbs, which are frequently found in table lamps, emphasize the yellow tones in green paint.

Sunlight also affects the appearance of light green paint. Walls that receive a lot of northern light often appear darker than those exposed to southern light, which has a brightening effect and makes light colors appear even lighter.