How Do You Light a Gas Oven?

Light a gas oven by igniting the pilot light with a long match. This process takes less than a minute once you locate the pilot light. Gas ovens use these small flames to light the main burners. Pilot lights typically burn at a low level constantly, and if they are extinguished, must be re-lit before the oven can be used.

  1. Make sure the area is safe

    Inspect the kitchen to make sure there is no smell of gas. If you do smell gas, use a fan to ventilate the kitchen for several minutes before lighting the pilot light. Double check to ensure the oven's temperature gauge is set to the "off" position.

  2. Locate the pilot light

    Use the owner's manual to locate the pilot light. If the owner's manual is not available, open the oven and look for a small hole in the bottom of the oven or the base of the broiler that may be labeled "pilot light."

  3. Light the pilot light

    Light a long match and hold the flame near the pilot light hole. A small flame should appear in the hole. Immediately remove the match and extinguish it. Close the oven door and broiler carriage before starting the oven.