How Do You Light a Gas Grill With a Match?

A gas grill can be easily lit with a match in just a matter of seconds. The only things needed are matches, a grill, and a supply of the proper gas designated to be used with the grill. Make sure the lid of the grill is open when turning on the gas, then use a match to ignite the gas through the appropriate burner hole after it has been turned on.

  1. Open the lid of the gas grill

    Open the lid of the grill before turning on the gas. Never turn the gas on when the grill lid is closed. The gases can quickly build to dangerous levels.

  2. Turn on the gas

    Turn the ignition button of the grill to the "on" position. If the main gas supply valve is turned off, turn it on now as well.

  3. Light the grill

    Light a match and insert it through one of the small holes on the bottom of the grill under the burners that are designed for manual gas ignition. Insert the lit match through the hole that corresponds to the desired burner.