How Do You Light a Fireplace?


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To light a fireplace, warm up the flue, and then ignite a starter brick. Add a log behind and in front of the brick, and then add a third across the first two logs. You need black and white newspaper, a fire starter brick and dried logs.

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  1. Ignite the newspaper

    Open the damper, and ignite a rolled-up newspaper.

  2. Hold the newspaper at the flue opening

    Place a fireproof glove over your hand, and use it to hold the newspaper at the opening of the flue until the flue warms up.

  3. Ignite the starter brick

    Place the starter brick at the center of the firebox, and ignite it according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

  4. Add logs

    Add one log behind the brick, and add one in front.

  5. Add a third log

    When the front and back logs ignite, add a third log across them diagonally.

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