How Do You Light a Coleman Furnace?

Many utility and service companies provide the service of lighting the furnace pilot, or one may do it by locating the pilot and the control knob on the equipment. One should always exert caution and refer to the owner's manual prior to working directly with the unit.

Anything flammable, such as paint or household cleaners, should be cleared away from the area adjacent to the furnace prior to starting. The control knob on the furnace is located near the gas line. It should be turned to the off position for a few minutes to allow any accumulated gas to escape. The knob can then be set to the pilot position. If the smell of gas is evident, one should turn the knob back to the off position and contact a utility provider.

The pilot fixture, which is a small tube extending from the gas line, can be accessed through an opening on the side of the equipment. After the knob has been set to the pilot position, one can press down on the knob, strike a match and light the end of the fixture. One should continue to hold the knob down for a full minute after the pilot lights up. Once the knob is released, the flame should continue to stay lit. All steps may be repeated if the pilot doesn't light on the first attempt. If the pilot doesn't light or stay lit after many attempts, a repair may be needed by a service professional.