How Do You Light a Bookcase?


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To light a bookcase, use rope lighting and secure it to the bottom of each shelf. Start at the top and secure the rope light to the back of the left side of the shelf. Use a drill and create a hole in the top back of the shelf that is big enough for the plug and cord to fit through. Pull the cord all the way through, tightening the rope light against the shelf.

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Create another set of holes on the top right and top left of the next shelf where the shelf meets the backboard. Pull the rope light and cord through the right side and then pull it back onto the shelf through the left hole. Use electrical tape to hold it in place. Repeat these steps for each shelf in the bookcase. On the final shelf, drill the hole into the lower backboard and pull the plug through.

Use a long staple and place it around the middle of one of the rows of light. Use a hammer to carefully insert the staple into the shelf. Avoid piercing the plastic light tube. Place staples along the rest of the row and remove the electrical tape. Repeat until all the rows are secured by staples, and then plug in the rope light.

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