How and When Do You Lift Daffodil Bulbs?

lift-daffodil-bulbs Credit: Jill Catley/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

In most cases, daffodil bulbs do not require lifting and can remain in the ground for several years. However, it is best to lift and separate the bulb clumps if the flowers have become congested. The best way to safely lift daffodils is to wait until the foliage has tapered off, push back the surrounding soil and carefully lift the bulb out of the ground with a standard gardening spade.

To separate the clumps, gently peel off the bulblets and offsets on the daffodil stems and replant the pieces directly into the soil at a depth of up to 15 centimeters. To avoid overcrowding, plant the stems at least 10 centimeters apart. Daffodils thrive best in cooler environments, as hot and humid weather can cause the bulbs to create steam underground. The best time to plant daffodils is in the early spring, as the flowers bloom from June to October.

Daffodils are hearty plants that do not require excess water, but water the soil at least twice a week during periods of dry weather. Adequate soil drainage and light watering helps to prevent the bulbs from rotting underground. With the proper care and handling, daffodil bulbs can repeatedly bloom for many years.