Do Liberty Three-Point Backhoe Attachments Work on a Deere Tractor?


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Liberty backhoe attachments are designed to fit to almost any tractor. The backhoes are designed for universal fit to a standard traditional category-one, three-point tractor hitch as well as a category-two, three-point hitch; to attach a Liberty backhoe to a category-two tractor hitch, simply use spacers.

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All Liberty backhoes are built from high-carbon steel. Liberty offers four different backhoe models: the Liberty Light Duty, 6- and 7-foot backhoes, that come standard-equipped with 12-inch buckets, and an 8-foot backhoe that comes with a 16-inch bucket. Additional bucket sizes are also available for each model.

Liberty backhoes also come with a mounted PTO pump, which allows you to run your backhoe off your tractor's Power Take-Off and prevents you from needing to tap into other power connections.

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