Is the LG WT1101CW Washer a Good Value?


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Reviewed.com states that the purchasing price of the LG WT1101CW washer is a bargain, but that the machine is inefficient and has a high yearly operation cost. As of 2015, Amazon.com reviews of the washer are mixed, with the unit receiving 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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Reviewed.com praised the cleaning ability of the LG WT1101CW washer and stated that the machine's speed wash cycle outperformed other washers in its class. The negatives of the washer included balancing issues and the relatively high amount of water retained by the clothing. Amazon.com reviewers noted the same pros and cons of the machine, but added that the machine was very quiet and had a large capacity. Reviewers on the site also said that there was still soap residue left on the clothing after rinsing.

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