What Are Some LG Washer Fault Codes?

What Are Some LG Washer Fault Codes?

Some LG washer fault codes are IE, UE, OE and dE. The IE fault code signals that an inlet water supply error has occurred. This code appears when the predetermined water level is not achieved after eight minutes or when the preset water level is not reached after 25 minutes.

The IE code results from a pinched water supply hose, a defective water supply valve or a closed water supply faucet handle.

The LG washer's UE fault code informs the user that the load in the washer is distributed unevenly. Normally, this error code can be fixed by opening the washer and distributing the clothes evenly around the washer drum. This fault code also appears when a washer load is determined to be too small.

The OE fault code is initiated if the LG washer is not completely drained after 10 minutes. This code could result from a clog or kink in the washer drain pipe, by a full filter in the drain pump apparatus or by a defective drain pump.

The dE code signals that the washer door is open. If the door is closed when this code appears, it is necessary to unplug the appliance. If the code is still lit once the washer is reactivated, the door's lock and switch assembly could be broken.