What Is a LG Schematic Appliance Diagram?


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A schematic diagram is a simplified visual representation of the main parts of something, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. For example, a schematic diagram for a refrigerator shows the parts that make it run, including the thermostat, defrost heater and evaporator fan.

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Engineers and repair technicians often use the term "schematic" to refer to an electronic schematic diagram, which shows every electronic component on a circuit board and the connections between them. Formalized symbols are used to express the type of electronic component or connection. For example, a connecting wire is represented by a straight line, while a resistor is represented by a zig-zag line. A tutorial explaining the basic symbols is available at physicsclassroom.com.

Schematics help repair technicians figure out how a device works so that they can troubleshoot and fix it. The LG support website offers schematics for many of its appliances, including labeled diagrams, circuit schematics and exploded views that how the appliance is assembled. Some third-party websites collect schematics for consumers, including instructables.com and schematicsforfree.com.

However, just because a consumer can easily find a schematic for their appliance does not mean that it is safe to disassemble it. Some devices, such as televisions, pose a risk of electrical shock even when unplugged and should never be opened by non-professionals. In addition, the LG warranty agreement states that consumers who attempt their own repairs risk voiding their warranties.

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