What Are LG Heat Pumps?


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LG heat pumps are appliances that use small amounts of energy to pull heat from the ground or air to heat a home or office. The units are also capable of cooling buildings, and are very similar to air conditioners in the way that they operate.

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The LG Prestige 12,000 BTU model is one of the best heat pumps on the market as of 2015, according to Sunshine Renewable Energy. It is rated highly in efficiency at 11.8-HSPF. This makes the unit a good choice for people who want to save significantly on their heating bills.

The LG Prestige is a powerful unit, moving as much as 574-cubic feet of air per minute. It can cover up to 1000-square feet, which is better than most similar sized heat pumps on the market. It is still very quiet in its operation, where the noise can easily be drowned out by conversation or the television. Another advantage of this unit is that it has a high air circulation rating, which translates to quicker heating and cooling.

Other notable models include the LG Regular 12,000 BTU model and the LG 24,000 BTU Tri Zone System. The cost of LG heat pumps depend on the model, size, number of zones and complexity of installation.

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