How Is an LG Electric Dryer Repaired?


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An LG electric dryer can be repaired by unclogging the blower wheel, replacing the heating element and changing the thermal fuse. The exact LG electric dryer repairs depend on the specific problem.

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A clogged blower wheel can cause a dryer to take too long to complete a cycle. The blower wheel is responsible for drawing air through the dryer drum. It is attached to the drive motor and is located at the back of the dryer behind the vent. Appliance owners should check the blower wheel for clogging and remove any obstruction to fix the problem.

A faulty heating element assembly can cause the dryer to run continuously. The component is responsible for warming air before it enters the dryer drum. The heating element needs to be checked for continuity, and replaced if necessary to fix the problem.

Finally, a faulty thermal fuse can cause the dryer not to start at all. The fuse shuts the power off in the event the dryer overheats to prevent fire. The thermal fuse should be check for continuity using an ohm meter and replaced if blown. The fuse cannot be reset. Appliance owners should contact a qualified appliance repair person, preferably one with experience repairing LG electric driers to diagnose and fix the problem if these suggestions do not work.

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