How Is an LG Dryer Heat Sensor Replaced?


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Turn off the power and shut off the gas valve of the dryer. Remove the top and back lids to access the interior of the dryer and check the wiring of the heat sensor to confirm it's intact. Use a screwdriver to unbolt the old sensor and replace it.

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LG dryers are installed with temperature sensors to avoid clothes burning. The sensors resemble silver discs the size of a quarter and there are two them, whereby, in most LG dryers one is placed near the heating coil and the other in the front section of the LG dryer. A set of contacts is also fitted within them to ensure when the temperatures are too high, the contacts split and the dryer automatically goes off.

Two different thermostats operating under different temperatures regulate the dryer temperature. Normally a LG dryer will contain an operating thermostat and the high limit thermostat. The only difference in these thermostats is in their opening and closing temperatures.

Other parts which may require replacement in the an LG Dryer include the igniter. When the igniter does not work, it shows that it could be faulty and probably needs replacement. The flame sensor also needs to be checked regularly.

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