How Do You Level a Yard?

How Do You Level a Yard?

To level a yard, cut and fold back the grass with a half-moon edger and spade, and then remove stray objects with a rake. Pour soil into the hole, and then return the flaps back to their original position. Along with gardening tools, you need soil and lawn seed.

  1. Make a cut at a bump

    Locate a bump or other imperfection in the yard, and cut perpendicular lines over the area with a half-moon edger so the bump is at the center of where the lines cross.

  2. Insert a spade

    Coax a spade 2 inches underneath one of four sections that the crossed lines created.

  3. Fold over the sections

    Repeat with the remaining three sections, and then fold the sections back gently.

  4. Remove large pieces

    Remove pieces of rock and dirt with a gardening fork.

  5. Add soil

    Pour soil into the hollow that the flaps created until the surface is level.

  6. Return the flaps

    Fold the flaps back over, and use the back of the rake to tamper them.

  7. Pour lawn seed

    Pour lawn seed into the cracks that the original cuts made.

  8. Repeat the procedure

    Repeat the process with any additional uneven areas in the yard, and then water the entire lawn.